“Designed in blue, pink and purple tones, a romantic point, gives tranquility and a good joker for a neutral and elegant dress. Irresistibly chic.”

Lot of 30 bracelets (6 natural stones 8MM per 5 units)

Free wooden display, with each lot purchased

Recommended Retail Price, for 1 bracelet, 19 euros (PUBLIC PRICE)

Recommended Sale Price, for 3 bracelets, 55 euros (PUBLIC PRICE)

1.- Pink jasper

2.- Pink quarz

3.- Amethyst

4.- Tree agate

5.- Blue Aventurine

6.- Pink gray jasper

All our jewelry is handcrafted in our workshops in Barcelona. The metal parts are silvered by us and comply with European directives. Each natural stone that adorns the jewelry is unique in its roughness, inclusions, reflections and nuances. In multiple civilizations and according to many irradiations, they would also have beneficial virtues. They would have the power to release a clean energy, capable of regulating our emotions and relieving our body thanks to energizing or relaxing virtues.