Who are we?

Who are we?
Unique pieces, limited series, exclusive creations.
Our pieces are imagined and drawn near Barcelona, ​​in our BLOW workshops

Our creations are at the heart of fashion and remain timeless for their quality and simplicity.

What are our jewels made of?
Our materials are real.
Natural stones, semi-precious stones, mixed with 5 micron silver plated coins.

Who makes our jewelry?
In our workshop near Barcelona, ​​our passionate craftsmen make our bracelets, earrings, necklaces and any object we imagine.
In a creative, young and motivating environment.

Who are our jewels for?
For a demanding clientele, looking for diversity, original pieces and at low prices.
Customers in search of noble materials, which last a long time, which follows trends and fashion, in a feminine universe

Where to find our jewelry?
We exhibit in BIJORHCA jewelry trade shows in Milan and Paris.
Our jewelry is present in more than 1,000 stores in France, Belgium, Italy and Spain.

How would you like to place your order?

Option 1, e-shop, on-line:
You sign up. When you receive the agreement of our sales department by e-mail, you can immediately buy online in our e-shop.

Option 2, meeting together by phone:
We place the order together, you register and ask info@problowbijoux.com the day and time you want us to call you to make the purchase together.
You only need a phone and your computer or tablet so that, while you see our online store, we place the order together.

Option 3, meeting with our sales agent:
Our commercial agent comes to your store, requests info@problowbijoux.com who will contact you for the appointment.